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Since 1948

El Colono is a brand of ample inspiration and abundant heritage. Hailing from a family dedicated to the sowing and farming of sugarcane, Mr. Rafael Yanez, a second generation maven, founded in 1948 one of the most respected businesses in eastern Venezuela. His leading manufacturing, aging and bottling company of sugarcane alcoholic beverages was established in no other than the city of Cumana.

The third generation distillers, Integrated By the four Yanez Brothers: Rafael Jr., Johnny, Jesus and Juan C. , united the Cumana flavor with the rest of their country, achieving countless internationally acclaimed awards for quality standards and bouquet. Now, in an effort to carry on the family legacy and share their specialty, the family’s fourth generation is expanding their market once again.

Manuel Yanez, a grandson of Mr. Rafael, has created Yanez United Distributors LLC (USA) to provide North America with his family’s unique and traditional product. A product that celebrates 500 years of Cumana culture and unites people through an unparalleled flavor – rooted in its Kill Devil foundation. Years of history are showcased in every bottle and soaked in a pride that renders tribute to family union.

El Colono is a sweet, dry, and exquisite mixture of Caribbean macerated fruit Rum. The liquor provides a flavorful foundation for delicious cocktails, and mixes very well with crèmes and citrus.

It is the result of 500 year-old flavors formulated in the historic city of Cumana, Venezuela. When served cold with lemon, it becomes a beverage for demanding taste. Each bottle carries an ancestral, timeless flavor that’s been passed down from generation to generation.